Downhole Pump Design and Repair

Downhole pump design and downhole pump repair are the backbone of Knox Oil field Supply. Our in-house repair facility and extensive downhole pump parts inventory allows us to remedy the situation and get production back on line quickly and efficiently.

Harbison - Fisher & Weatherford Artificial Lift Systems

Knox Oil Field Supply carries a full line of Harbison Fisher & Weatherford downhole pumps for all your oil & gas production needs.

  • Sucker Rod Pump Barrels
  • Sucker Rod Pump Plungers
  • Sucker Rod Pump Valve Cages
  • Sucker Rod Pump Balls and Seats
  • Johnson-Fagg Stuffing Boxes
  • John Martin Polished Rod Clamps
  • Hold Down Seal Assemblies

Knox Oil field Supply also carries a full line of Harbison-Fisher and Weatherford Downhole Pump Accessories

  • Sucker Rod Guides
  • Tubing Test Valve
  • Polished Rods
  • Sinker Bars
  • Lift Sub
  • Pump Anchor
  • Tubing Anchor
  • Collet Fittings for Valve Rods or Pull Tubes
  • Sucker Rod, Polished Rod and Combination Couplings
  • Polished Rod Liners
  • Seating Nipples
  • Strainer Nipples and Gas Anchors